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More than the industry-leading drag and drop form builder, Jotform Enterprise’s suite of intuitive, interconnected no-code solutions helps you automate workflows and connect teams on one platform.

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Continuud + JotForm Enterprise​

At Continuud, we are proud to be a Jotform Enterprise Reseller Partner and Certified Consultant. When you purchase Jotform Enterprise through Continuud, you harness the power of the leading form builder, Jotform, combined with our expertise as Community Health Experts.

Our partnership means you receive a fully managed service that includes workflow development, implementation, and ongoing maintenance. We specialize in helping community health organizations deploy digital workflows that are HIPAA compliant, user-friendly, and designed to drive patient retention. With Continuud and Jotform Enterprise, you can streamline your operations and enhance your patient engagement seamlessly.

The easy way to collect sensitive patient information

Protecting sensitive patient information is critical for healthcare providers. With Jotform Enterprise’s HIPAA-compliant solutions, you can create secure online forms to keep patient data private and safe.

JotForm Enterprise helps your organization quickly:

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HIPAA and Security

Collecting patient information has always been challenging. Jotform Enterprise simplifies this process by enabling anyone in your organization to create HIPAA-compliant forms effortlessly. These forms not only improve the patient experience but also ensure the security of patient data. With our HIPAA features, all form data submissions are encrypted, keeping patient information safe. Additionally, your data is stored in a local data residency center with SOC 2 compliance, giving you complete control over access to your forms and data. For payments, Jotform Enterprise offers bank-level security, providing peace of mind for both you and your patients.

Streamlined Workflows

Organization Management

Managing a healthcare organization is hard work. Streamline your operations and meet privacy regulations by having your patients and employees complete necessary paperwork online with Jotform Enterprise. Switching from paper to digital forms instantly improves and automates the flow of patient information. Patients can complete forms, check-in for appointments, and submit health insurance information from any location. Additionally, Jotform Enterprise integrates with popular business software, further streamlining your workflow and making your organization run faster and more efficiently.

Patient Experience

Digital Patient Onboarding

Onboarding a new patient involves several crucial steps, from collecting health history to gathering insurance and payment information and securing consent for treatment. With Jotform Enterprise, you can digitize this entire process, eliminating the need for paper forms. Patients can easily upload important documents, including photos, and complete all necessary forms from any location. This streamlined, paperless approach not only simplifies patient onboarding but also enhances overall efficiency and compliance.

Digital Signing

Automate Signing Processes

Streamline your e-signature process with Jotform Sign. With Jotform Sign, you can track the signing process from start to finish and set up automation tools to manage your clinic or hospital more efficiently. You can establish a signing order for your documents, ensuring that once one individual signs, the document is automatically sent to the next party. When all parties have signed, everyone receives a copy for their records, simplifying the workflow and enhancing efficiency.

JotForm Enterprise Benefits for Healthcare Organizations

Learn why healthcare organizations worldwide trust Jotform Enterprise for HIPAA compliance solutions.

Create HIPAA forms easily

Build HIPAA-friendly forms in minutes with a drag-and-drop interface and hundreds of templates.

Collect patient data securely

Protect patient data with 256-bit encryption, a local data residency center, and single sign-on integrations.

Improve access and data

Enhance patient experiences with online registration, scheduling, and more. Prefill forms with digital records to minimize paperwork and data-entry errors.

Accept online payments

Seamlessly integrate payment gateways with forms to securely collect fees. Choose from dozens of payment platforms, including Square, Stripe, and Authorize.net.

Fast, secure file uploads

Collect patient documents and images with online forms, then store and protect them with HIPAA compliance solutions.

Power mobile capabilities

Keep staff and patients connected with a powerful mobile app. Build a patient portal to host forms, booking, and resources.

Collect e-signatures

Collect unlimited e-signatures at no additional cost with Jotform Sign. Automate filing and reduce tech complexity and paperwork. Third-party integrations also available.

Automate workflows

Build custom workflows to send exported submission data as a PDF and seamlessly integrate with HIPAA compliance software including Google Sheets, Dropbox, Zapier, and more.

Review activity logs

Admins can review all actions performed by users. Easily filter search results based on time range, username, and user actions.

Service level agreements

A customized service level agreement (SLA) is available upon request.

Business associate agreements

A customized business associate agreement (BAA) is available upon request.

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Built For Success

Why Jotform Enterprise?

Specifically tailored for organizations looking to streamline and automate, the Jotform Enterprise platform offers:

Challenges of Building Forms

Many healthcare providers struggle with a variety of challenges when using form creation tools to develop digital forms and data workflows. JotForm Enterprise solves these problems.

Not HIPAA Compliant

Most form builders are not HIPAA Compliant and won't execute a Business Associate Agreement with you.

Too hard to use

Some require coding, others have cryptic old interfaces — taking too much time for even the simplest form.

Don’t include templates

Many require you to build a form from scratch, without any premade templates or design assets.

Can’t integrate with “your” application

Some form builders provide integration—but only with the most common apps.

Pay for forms add-ons

If you want to convert your forms to PDF, get an e-signature, or need to route your form data for approvals you need additional programs.

Poor support

Many have poor documentation, don’t provide phone or live chat when you need it — and long queues even if they have it.

Easy To Use

Easily build highly customizable forms with a click and drag of the mouse, without having to write a single line of code.

The intuitive interface makes the form creation process easier more enjoyable, leading to a more positive experience overall.

Transfer form fields and data from existing form applications in minutes. Also, you can share forms between different accounts for easy collaboration with partners.

Jotform includes the largest collection of customizable form templates, so you can create simple or complex forms quickly and easily.

You can easily add form fields, widgets, integrations and branding to your forms in minutes for professional-looking forms with minimal effort.

Easy to use

Pre-made Templates

Of all online form builders, Jotform has the most pre-built design templates—easily customizable and ready to use in over 130 languages.

Jotform includes templates for course registration, order forms, hotel booking, medical, surveys, consent, checklist, donations and thousands more.

All templates are optimized for mobile devices, ensuring that they are fully responsive and work well on all screen sizes.

Create any design you wish without restraint using custom CSS to fine-tune your form, images, and background applications.

Speed up form creation and approval by working with your team members to design, edit, comment on, and route forms.

Powerful Integrations

Integrate with your existing workflow seamlessly using Jotform’s 150+ application integrations, from CRM solutions to project management and communication software.

Take your form functionality further with pre-build widgets for in-form scheduling, calculations, file uploads, and more.

You can fully customize and connect Jotform with other software applications that may not be pre-built via an API–providing you even more flexibility.

Level-up your workflows by automatically sending data from forms to other software applications. For example, route lead info from forms to Salesforce.

Sell products and services on your forms, and securely collect payments with popular payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net, Square and others.

Easy to use

More than just forms

Digital Signatures

Save time and enhance security with online document signing and e-signature collection from Jotform Sign. Collect signatures in forms and digital PDF documents.

Approval Workflows

Streamline and expedite your approval processes with custom workflows. Connect forms, e-signature documents, and email triggers to your workflows for seamless automation.

Data Tables

A cloud-based database that allows you to store, organize, and manage your data in one place, Jotform Tables lets you easily access and analyze data, track changes, and collaborate with others in real-time.

PDF Editor

Customize and edit PDF forms on the platform with built-in field detection, advanced formatting, e-signatures, and media integration.

Mobile Forms

Create, edit, and fill-out forms on the go with Jotform’s mobile app. Easily collect survey responses in the field, even without an internet connection.

Report Builder

Turn your form submissions into professional reports in a few clicks. You can analyze and share data collected through forms in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand way.

Price Performance Leader

Advanced form features

Jotform Enterprise offers advanced options such as HIPAA compliance, custom branding, and unlimited API requests at a highly competitive price point compared to other enterprise form builders.

Cost savings

Jotform Enterprise’s flexible pricing model allows you to pay only for what you need, rather than being locked into a one-size-fits-all pricing plan. This results in significant cost savings.


Jotform Enterprise is highly scalable, allowing you to create and manage an unlimited number of forms and submissions without additional costs—making it cost-effective for businesses of all sizes.

World-class support
World-Class Support

Enterprise-specific support

Jotform offers Enterprise clients a higher level of personalized support, training, and consultation to meet your unique needs. Enterprise support includes dedicated account managers and expert support teams to ensure quick and effective assistance, reducing downtime and delays.


Jotform Enterprise offers top-notch security features, such as data encryption and secure data storage, to ensure your sensitive information is protected. This level of security is essential if you deal with sensitive data on a regular basis.

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