Social Media Marketing

Advertising For HIV Testing Services

Engage priority populations in HIV testing using traditional, digital, and social media advertising strategies. We do all the work, you focus on finding positives and promoting prevention services.

Right Message, Right Time

We make sure your ads are available on the platforms your priority populations use daily.

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Supercharge your outreach effectiveness with advertising

Connect with your priority populations using social media, dating apps, and millions of other platforms.

Without the services provided by Continuud, many clients would not receive the quality of care that they get. Since collaborating with Continuud, we have increased the number of clients retained in care, increased our range of marketing, and expanded our testing capabilities.

Leeah Hopper

Executive Director, Health Plus Indiana
Engage in Care

Connect with the right consumers at the right time

Our AI-powered model identifies individuals placed at risk of contracting HIV and delivers timely messaging to engage them in testing and care.

Our platform identifies consumers using a combination of:
Educate Consumers

Drive positive health outcomes by sharing important knowledge

Advertising is a great way to share key soundbites that plant the seeds for positive behaviors and lifestyle changes.

HIV advertising campaigns can help you:
Empower Self-Advocacy

Give consumers the tools to take action when it matters

Build trustworthy relationships with consumers from the start by giving them the ability to easily book appointments when it's a top priority for them.

Self-service scheduling for consumers helps you:

HIV Testing Campaigns Are Fast & Easy To Deploy

Continuud is an industry leader in using marketing to engage priority populations in care. We have years of experience developing highly effective marketing strategies that engage, educate, and empower consumers to take control of their health and access the convenient and affordable care offered in their community. We make it as easy as possible to get started marketing your HIV testing and care services.

Market Analysis

We look closely at your community to understand historic trends in seroconversion and incidence.

Our analysis will uncover:

Campaign Development

We use our market analysis as the foundation for crafting a strategic marketing campaign.

Advertising campaigns include:

Ongoing Optimization

Really strong selling point that summarizes the benefits for all user audiences in a clear and concise format.

Experience the benefits of:
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